Acid House Kings with the Legends, 7/7/06, Raleigh Music Hall

July 10, 2006

This is it, I promise! No more Acid House Kings posts after this for a while (except maybe links to more pictures and/or video once I get those sorted out).

Sean and I drove out to Raleigh with Amanda and Canon in the backseat, who provided hilarious, laugh out loud conversation. At the venue we met up with Abe and Kathleen P., Cathleen K. and her posse, and one of Canon’s friends. I met Craig and Andrew from the indiepoplist, and chatted more with Andrew’s wife Vivian who I’d met earlier in the day at the instore in Chapel Hill. I was only joking when I’d said half the people at the show would be my friends, but sadly, this was close to the truth. At most, there was 30 people in attendance. It was really, truly disappointing to see such a low turnout, but what can you do? I imagine it would be a big hit to a band’s morale to see so few people come out to see them play. Despite the low turnout, both the Legends and Acid House Kings played excellent sets.

First some local band played for FAR TOO LONG.

Then the Legends came onstage. Johan leaned into the microphone and said, “You are about to witness The Sound of the Legends.” Or something to that effect, jokingly pompous. They started up their set and played a lot of my favorite songs from their releases, some garage-y songs interspersed with the synth/heavy bass/fuzzy guitar pop songs.

Acid House Kings came on next and played a joyous bunch of songs. I couldn’t stop smiling. Their frontwoman Julia has such a happy stage persona, it’s hard not to be happy watching her wiggling around the stage and singing. They played two covers, Loveninja’s “Keep Your Love” and then, for the encore “Summer Nights.” Yeah, the song from Grease. It was unbearably cute. They forgot the words to that song a lot, which added to the charm, and they were hamming it up, which made it worthwhile. The best song they played, however, was “We’re the Acid House Kings.” Nikas introduced it, in a total deadpan, “Some of you may be confused because the Legends just played and you see some of the same people onstage again. But do not be confused. We are going to make sure you know we are the Acid House Kings by playing this song. We are the Acid House Kings and we’re gonna make your day.” Or something along those lines. And it was hilarious. And the song’s lyrics were hilarious. I’d never heard it before, as I don’t have the single it’s on.

I was really very pleased with the bands. They took a less than perfect situation and made a great show for everyone who was there. That takes a lot of determination, talent, and professionalism. I’m glad to have been there. Interestingly, I went into it very excited about seeing Acid House Kings, but found myself even more impressed with the set by the Legends. I’ll definitely look towards seeing them all again if I ever have the opportunity.

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