song o’ the day

July 10, 2006

the Weeds – “Wheatfields”

This is why trading mix CDs with people I don’t know via a music listserv is so rewarding. I get to hear really exciting or interesting or lovely songs I would have never heard about otherwise. My recent swap from the indiepop listserv was with John C., who, as luck would have it, has an enormous wealth of mid-80s New Zealand pop/rock, enough for a five CD compilation. And damn, there’s some good stuff on there. Scattered among some of the bands I’d heard of and was already fond of (the Clean, the Chills) are obscure little gems like this song.

I’d never heard of the Weeds before. According to this article at The Big City, a very informative database of New Zealand music, they were only together for about a year and had three releases, one of which was a 7″ on Flying Nun, from which this song comes.

I put it up on yousendit if anyone wants to give it a listen.

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