July 12, 2006

– I did manage to watch the Word Cup final this past Sunday, at a movie theater with cabaret seating in Arlington, VA. There were waiters who served food and beer; it was awesome. The fans were loud and happy (well, the Italian fans were happy, anyway…) I can’t recall ever jumping out of my seat and cheering quite like that while watching a sporting event ever, really. It was really exciting, feeling the nervousness when the team I was pulling for was down, and the elation when they scored or the goalkeeper managed to foil the other team’s goalmaking attempts. I’ve been casually interested in soccer for many years now, but I think I need to start figuring out how to watch more matches and get more involved. It’s a great spectator sport. I had the best time.

This is an interesting article that touches on C-86, punk, NME, Sarah Records, Belle and Sebastian, making the argument that C-86 was actually quite influential after all. Food for thought, anyway.

– It’s so bloody hot today.

– Possibly (and absolutely) interesting shows coming up:

July 31 Oneida at Kings in Raleigh
Aug. 01 the Minders at Local 506
Aug. 04 the Clientele at Local 506
Aug. 10 Deerhoof at the Cat’s Cradle
Aug. 11 the Smittens at Jo and Joe’s in Durham
Aug. 14 the Foundry Field Recordings at Local 506
Aug. 16 Of Montreal with the Minders at The Flying Anvil in Greensboro
Sep. 14 Band Of Horses at the Cat’s Cradle

Sep. 18 the Spinto Band opening for We Are Scientists and Art Brut at the Cat’s Cradle
Sep. 21 Sufjan Stevens at Memorial Hall
Sep. 23 Virginia Coalition at the Cat’s Cradle
Oct. 18 Okkervil River at Duke Coffeehouse

edited to add other dates for my own reference purposes


4 Responses to “miscellanea”

  1. Kristina Says:

    The Prids, Aug. 15, Wetlands in Chapel Hill!

    It is MISERABLE today.

    I don’t care a bit about soccer, but I wanted France to win. ah well.

  2. pinky Says:

    I need to see Sufjan this time.

    it’s funny – I don’t know that much about the C-86 aftermath, but I might just have that original cassette somewhere!

  3. Kristina, The Prids – tell me more about them.

    Pinky, OH MY GOD. You might still have that around?

  4. pinky Says:

    I might – I’m a purger though, so it’s very likely I don’t. perhaps my past self realized that it would be important someday…but I doubt it!

  5. Kinley Says:

    Definitely go see Virginia Coalition. They’re one of my favorite local bands and usually a lot of fun to watch, if you haven’t seen them already. Glad you had a good time in the Washington area!

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