I haven’t complained publicly about my issues in a while…

July 13, 2006

I’d really like to do the last 24 hours all over again.

My mood was dictated by a lovely combination of not enough sleep, a sinus infection that will not go away, and female troubles (ah, such a delicate euphemism). I spent a lot of the day in pain. And when I wasn’t in pain, I was staring blankly and trying to concentrate on the tasks at hand. It got worse too, since my evening was absorbed by the screaming, crying, complaining, demanding antics of a three year old child who WOULD NOT go to sleep. Three hours’ worth of such antics. It made the whole family pissy at each other. I hate going to bed confused and angry.

This morning hasn’t been much better. I dislike feeling really awful, and when I feel awful, I have a tendency to immediately analyze the problem and take action to fix things and make myself feel better. This is not always the best course of action to take. It can make me too pro-active. It sometimes leads me to address problems that aren’t ready to be addressed, and to read things into situations that simply aren’t there. Quick action to fix problems can be a strength of mine, but in interpersonal relationships it can at times lead to me saying and doing things that just confuse situations. And so this strength is also a weakness.

And I’ve been engaged in such behavior this last day, when I really just needed to lie back and let the day wash over me, with no introspection. I don’t need to analyze why I feel so awful. It’s obvious – sleeplessness, sinus issues, female troubles. It’s not anything I’m doing wrong, it can’t be fixed except by waiting for it to be over. It’d be nice if I could learn better to take myself out of my head for a while.

It’d also be nice if Sean and I could figure out how to get this three year old child to SLEEP.


3 Responses to “I haven’t complained publicly about my issues in a while…”

  1. Kristina Says:

    It’d also be nice if Sean and I could figure out how to get this three year old child to SLEEP.


    hope it gets better soon… :-/

  2. pinky Says:

    i can’t help but think of my old t-shirt with Curious George passed out next to a big jug marked “ETHER.”


  3. Rachel Says:

    I had a minor problem with my son at that age too. I finally got him on a better bedtime in an unconventional way. He wouldn’t sleep one night, and had a ton of energy he had apparently reserved for fighting his bedtime for hours, so I packed him up and took him to a local well-lit park (it was about 9 pm) and just let him/heavily encouraged him to run absolutely wild for about an hour and a half. The combination of fresh air and semi-forced activity, combined with waking him up at his normal time and deleting his nap the next afternoon gave me a wonderful thing – A sleepy kid at bedtime. We had to repeat this occaisionally if his schedule got disrupted, but it seemed that if I could get him in bed at a reasonable hour a couple of days in a row, it stuck pretty good. Anyway, I sympathize, and good luck!

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