the summer heats up

July 17, 2006

Soundtrack to the drive to Roxboro yesterday was WXDU, the Duke University radio station. It’s a good thing I didn’t have my car’s CD changer loaded up, nice to have someone else do the selecting sometimes. It started out with the second half of Craig’s radio show, And Don’t the Kids Just Love It, during which we were treated to the sweet sounds of classic soul. Then, interestingly, there was a bunch of bluegrass, and Johnny Cash, and that modern Americana-inflected, countryish indie rock that a number of people I know and like are fond of. That last bit is a current of music I need to find myself in more frequently. It was a perfect soundtrack for a country drive.

Another thing – I crave spending time with people. I adore socializing. I need it. It keeps me going. When I commune with other people, it prevents me from overanalyzing the loops of thought in my head. It’s so much better and healthier to live in the moment, the here and now, with friends, being together, than it is to be alone with my head. I’m not crazy, but I do think about things too much. I was reminded of that while hanging out with Maria at Weaver Street Market last night. We talked about things, and grumbled about things, and ate boiled soybeans while our daughters put together an ad hoc band of children to create a fairyland together. It was a perfect end to a weekend. Friends are what make everything worthwhile.

Forecast suggests a high of 100 degrees tomorrow. Yeah, guess it’s really summer now. I need to find a blueberry patch for picking soon. And peach cobblers must be made.

Houses like this make me really, really, really think harder about moving to Durham. I mean, really, wow.


7 Responses to “the summer heats up”

  1. Justin Says:

    and of course you know, compared to real estate prices in California (what would that cost out here, 700-800k?), that’s a steal.

  2. Ha ha, Justin. Of course you know, I compare everything to California real estate prices. I can’t believe what things are going for in my hometown nowadays, all my childhood friends are bemoaning ever finding a house to call their own.

    In the Bay Area that’d be at least a million. Even as a fixer-upper.

  3. Karen Says:

    I just yelped out loud at that house. Then my office mate said “What?” and I showed her and she also yelped!

  4. Alesia Says:

    That house–hot dang!! What is wrong with the Bay Area???

  5. robin of rockville Says:

    daaaaaaay-ummm! six bedrooms and three baths for that price?!

    you adore socializing, that’s so adorable. my therapist says it helps keep your mind off dwelling and shite. are you an introvert or an extrovert or kind of halfsies? i think you are kind of halfsies.

    blueberry patches and peach cobbler! jealous.

  6. Sunny Says:

    Kumar and I were only able to buy a house because we made the choice to live in a more rural area, which, I completely understand, is not an option for some. I don’t think we would have ever been homeowners had we stayed in the bay area. That said, we got a really good deal on our humble little home, and it cost considerably more than that gem in Durham. Ah, perspective.

  7. I’m definitely halfsies. I’m a Gemini! And your therapist is totally correct, I think.

    Yeah, the crazy thing is Durham is actually a pretty cool, urban place, with lots of good things going for it. And yet even houses that don’t require much work go for really affordable prices.

    But Sunny, I would ADORE to live in the part of the world that you live in. It’s just the perfect level of ruralness, I think.

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