to remember

July 17, 2006

There are some moments when everything is peaceful and calm, inside and out.

Like driving in a car at night, singing in a whisper-quiet voice along with the Stone Roses, glancing through the side window over and over again to see the moon stay even with the car shining in and out between the trees, companionship, a time well spent, good times coming, everything right and good.


5 Responses to “to remember”

  1. Rullsenberg Says:

    Sounds like a good time. But what were the Stone Roses track(s)? I always found those backwards ones very therapeutic for driving at night (like Don’t Stop from the first album or Simone, actually the lovely Where Angels Play).

    just my thoughts.

    Oh yeah. How come you don’t still have the Menswear album???!!

  2. “Made Of Stone” for the most part. Damn, I love that song.

  3. And Menswear! I sold the CD, along with about 20 others, to pay a bill when I was a freshman in college. God, I hated being that poor. If I’d made better financial decisions (like not running out to the record store with my financial aid check) I wouldn’t have had to be like that. But that all was quite a learning experience.

    It’s been impossible to find a CD to replace that since, unfortunately.

  4. Jason Says:

    This reminds me of that VW commercial with Nick Drake’s “Pink Moon”

    I also notice you didn’t mention the pristine condition of the tarmac on that stretch of I-85 ; )

  5. Rullsenberg Says:

    If you want to email me direct, perhaps over here I can help out with the whole Menswear thing (and perhaps some others too… the UK still being a little more flexible a source for obscure British/britpop music…)

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