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July 21, 2006

Spiral Beach – “Voodoo”

This song came up in the iTunes shuffle while I was resting in bed for a few minutes before getting the kids into bed, and I sat up in bed, and said, “Who IS this? What is this song?” It’s a little bit of swinging, bouncy rock-pop, with girl vocals that remind me a little bit of Emily Haines at times and that woman from Magneta Lane at other times. The chorus is great, makes me want to bounce on my hip and shake my head from side to side.
The band has this song on their website.

(This song came to me from Pinky. Thanks Pinky!)

Also, The Onion does it again – U.S. Trendsetters Go On Strike: Nation’s ‘Hip’ Seek Recognition, Royalties Too, too funny.


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  1. Rullsenberg Says:

    me like a lot!!!! thanks for the heads up.

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