seems like there’s a hole in my dreams

July 23, 2006

For Sunny and whoever else had trouble getting those songs from my spring mix number 3 to play in iTunes, here’s those six songs – they should play just fine now.

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It is dark and drippy looking outside today. Out my window it looks curiously like a temperate, rainy spring day, though I just know if I actually left this cocoon of air conditioned air in my house I would find myself in a sticky-hot steaming swamp. It’s gotta be better than the last week of sun beating down, mid 90-degree days though. It’s at least somewhat cooler. I guess there will be storms today, and the kids will be disappointed we won’t be able to go to the lake.

Both Thursday and Friday nights this past week I ended the night sitting outside, clutching my knees, talking with friends. Thursday night I was gazing out to a lonely mowed lawn bordered by trees covered in twisting, viney foliage. It was misty and green and lamplight blue. Friday I was sitting underneath pink-blooming crepe myrtles, cemetery at my back, on the embankment overlooking the bike path. It was a surprisingly social-looking night out there in Carrboro that Friday. There’s a particular something special about sitting outside on nights like these. The air retains its steaminess, but the temperature is in the low 70s and things regain a little bit of the activity or sense of forward motion that was lost in the heat of the day. The bugs continue making their creaky racket, which oddly enough after a few drinks is kind of a charming background noise, rather than the annoying reminder that it usually is that an insect could land in my hair at any moment.


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  1. Sunny Says:

    It works!! Thanks so much for doing this.

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