song o’ the day

July 26, 2006

the Gaylads – “My Jamaican Girl”

…you sly, foxy thing, you…

I couldn’t find a pretty picture of the original single or of the Gaylads themselves, so here’s a picture of the boring Trojan Records box set that I found this song on in the first place. That was a nice mistake I made, purchasing that for my birthday. A lot of the songs have been growing on me. I danced in my bedroom this morning, listening to this song, thinking of ocean breezes and boys in trilby hats. It’s got a gentle, swinging beat, optimistic and happy.

It appears this was first released in 1971, and has made its way onto many compilations here and there.

Oh, and here’s a nice hat. Very nice. I did a lot of research on the Internet about the Gaylads, and rocksteady, and other things, just now, and yet, all I have to say is, “Oh, look, neat hat!” Grrr. Weekend, please come soon.

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