minute and mundane details of my morning

July 27, 2006

Sean called me this morning from work while I was eating breakfast – he goes in two hours earlier than I do, and comes home two hours earlier so that the children don’t have to spend all day away at school – to tell me that he by accident put on my American Analog Set t-shirt. This is funny because he does not like American Analog Set, declaring them “boring” (that’s alright, we have slightly different tastes). This is also funny because the shirt is “girl” sized, cut tightly and short. I can’t wait to see what that looks like when I get home later today. Ha ha, it’s cracking me up just thinking about it. (Although he better not stretch it out….hmmm.)
Back in the day, when we were young undergraduates, we used to wear the same size clothes, it’s funny to see that happening again, although he likes his clothes loosely fitted and I like mine more tightly fitted.

Also Tallulah is making her first mix tape, or, as she calls it, “mix-up tape.” She’s selected five songs for it so far. She and Matilda were dancing in their underwear all goofy-like to the songs last night. And she’s excited about sending copies of it to all her friends. I am so proud.

I’ve got a nice weekend coming up, been anticipating it for a number of days now. Band meeting tonight, in which I will have another opportunity to bang the hell out of a tambourine, and then Meriza comes for a weekend visit. I can’t wait.


4 Responses to “minute and mundane details of my morning”

  1. alicia Says:

    what’s she putting on her mix?

  2. So far –
    Elvis Presley “Hound Dog”
    Architecture in Helsinki “Do the Whirlwind”
    the Dolly Mixture “How Come You’re Such A Hit With the Boys, Jane?”
    Clinic “Walking With Thee”
    Television Personalities “Silly Girl”
    Franz Ferdinand “Do You Want To”

  3. Sunny Says:

    As if the thought of you shaking the tambourine in a girl band isn’t cute enough, but now your rock star daughter is making mixes. Wow.

  4. owlmother Says:

    Emily wants to included Heart is a Stone on her “mix-up tape”.

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