Eels at the Cat’s Cradle, the Clientele at Local 506

August 7, 2006

Rock show
You came to see a rock show
This ain’t a fucking talk show
You came to see it all
Rock show
You came to fear it
You came to sear it
You came to do it all

I saw the Eels (or it’s just Eels, yeah?) play at the Cat’s Cradle last night, and wow, was it interesting. They were so loud, so intense, so exhausting. They played a cover of the Peaches song “Rock Show” early on, which had me clapping my hands with glee. And then, yeah, they really put on a rock show. I can’t recall the last time I saw something that was so spot-on R-O-C-K. And it might have been a little too much for me. As I was walking home in the dark, cricket-chirping night I felt like something had been taken out of me or away from me, by the music. It was a curious feeling. And yet another instance of the strange power of live music.

And the Friday before that I had the opportunity to see the Clientele play yet another show in town here – the third once since I moved to North Carolina! Great Lakes, an Elephant 6-affiliated band, opened the show, and I was pretty impressed by them. Part way during their set, the frontman for the Clientele, Alasdair, brushed past me and went to stand and watch the show, chatting with someone, drinking a beer. It’s funny how it’s become completely normal to see my rock gods standing not more than five feet away from me. It’s such a nice, small scale for music, which makes it all the more appealing. The Clientele played quite a number of new songs, but they also made time for some of the old favorites, including, to my delight, my personal favorite, “Saturday” which, when I hear it live, paralyzes me. They played, as expected, beautifully, expertly, joyfully. Plus, this time around, they added a person the the mix – now they are four. It was a woman who played the violin and tambourine (and yes, I was checking out her tambourine technique). I thought it a great addition to the band’s line-up. Hey, what do you know, there’s a picture of her on Flickr at Local 506, the same show I was at.

Oh yeah, and….Tallulah can read now.

Yeah, she can read. Just small words for now, but WOW.


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  1. Kinley Says:

    WOW! That is amazing. What a world she has in front of her now! Those small words will be large books before you know it! Have fun!

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