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August 8, 2006

the Positions – “Come Back To Me”

Four things in a song that make it almost inevitable I will like it:

1. “the Ronettes beat” you know, the drumbeat at the beginning of “Be My Baby”
2. handclaps
3. horns
4. egg shakers

This song has got all four of those elements. I can’t recall how I heard about this song, probably someone mentioned it somewhere. There is an MP3 of this song for downloading from the band’s website.


2 Responses to “song o’ the day”

  1. robin of rockville Says:

    damn i love that ronettes beat, now it’s in my head. handclaps and egg shakers are also very good. and sometimes horns.

  2. alicia Says:

    they played the duke coffeehouse a few years ago–they’re friends/former bandmates of some friends of mine, and they’re totally nice!

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