song o’ the day

August 10, 2006

Galaxie 500 – “Temperature’s Rising”

So now I think I’m all tied up
So now I think I’m tangled up
Oh, no and I can’t see no more
Oh, no and I can’t see no more

There’s an interesting live version of this song from 1992 on this website, A Head Full Of Wishes, – when Damon starts banging on the drums just before the chorus, oh yeah, I close my eyes and suck in my breath and wait for Dean’s warbling. It’s thrilling.
(Except, oh yeah, that’s not Damon, it’s someone else, 1992 would have made this a Luna show, not a Galaxie 500 show.)

I remember the only time I’ve ever seen a Galaxie 500 car, walking down a street in the Rockridge neighborhood in Oakland. I stepped up to it and thought, “hey, nice car,” and then saw the name on the car and smiled to myself.

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