living the good life

August 13, 2006

My God, this has been a delightful weekend.

Friday, after a STUPENDOUS dinner at the Barbecue Joint with my family (pulled pork, cole slaw, fried squash, green beans with bacon, local tomatoes with home-made Ranch dressing and bacon, all dishes of the best quality) I went with my new friend Vivian to Jo & Joe’s in Durham to see the Smittens play. The Smittens were on a mini-tour and stopped in Durham on their way back to Vermont from the Popfest in Athens, GA. I’d been sort of acquainted with Colin and David in the band from the indiepop list, and I was really excited about meeting them, and it was really great. The whole band was very sweet and fun. Plus they played a nice set, straight-up cute indiepop. I got a kick especially out of seeing Holly drum, it was sort of inspiring because I’ve been thinking a lot about trying to learn how to play the drums. Ben B. came out to the show as well and bought me a beer as my “reward for coming out to Durham” ha ha. One does tend to be very Carrboro/Chapel Hill-centric with socializing…

And then I was taking the girls to Weaver Street Market late the next morning for coffee and small grocery items, when I ran into first Vivian and her husband Andrew, and then I ran into the Smittens again. It was very funny and cool to see them at Weaver Street. I introduced Tallulah and Matilda to them and told them that was the band I had gone to see the night before, and the looks on my girls’ faces were priceless, it was definitely like “ok….” I do wonder what those daughters of mine think about it all, this music obsession of mine.

After Weaver Street the three of us went to UNC’s botanical garden. The day was gorgeous, surprisingly mild temperature, brilliant sunny sky. Our visit to the garden ended poorly, with simultaneous tantrums from the both of them, but for a short time I was so happy, sitting on a bench, letting my mind wander, taking in the lovely, leafy garden in front of me while the children played. I got some paper and started trying to write down what I was thinking about, but after a few sentences I stopped, because sometimes it is best to just let one’s mind fixate on and devour the sweet thoughts one has.

In the evening, Sean and I took the girls over to visit with Emily while the two of us went to have a birthday dinner (happy birthday Sean!) at Magnolia Grill in Durham. We very rarely spend time together, just the two of us, and it was very relaxing and nice to just be together like that. Dinner was marvelous – wine, salad, country ham with black eyed peas appetizer, pork chop for me/pork something or other for Sean (it’s always pig products with this family), and then dessert and coffee. I had the cocoa-cola cake (extremely fluffy chocolate cake) with a small scopp of salty peanut ice cream, and Sean had the creme caramel. I’d heard a lot about the desserts at Magnolia Grill, and they definitely lived up to the hype (and at nearly $9 each they better have been stupendous, sheesh).

All in all – quality time spent with my family, happy time spent with assorted friends, meeting a cute band and watching their music, good food, suspecting that two threads in my life I’d been worrying about are sorting out quite nicely, a gentle frame of my mind, temperate skies – I feel today that I’m living the good life. Despite the current financial situation, despite having to sit here at work all day Sunday, despite all the worries in my head, I feel charmed right now.


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  1. robin of rockville Says:

    you do lead a very charmed life :)…

    if you are interested in that tacoma position, you should contact my librarian friend donna, who’s from washington state and might have some insider tips for you…

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