August 22, 2006

This is week three of Staying Home With Tallulah While Maintaining My 40 Hour Work Week. Today, I really want to just sit at a table at Weaver Street Market or the Open Eye with a book. And I can’t wait until Tallulah can be persuaded to do the same thing, to sit with me, reading her own book, while I read my own book. We could read and drink our drinks together. Someday soon…

Kindergarten starts next week. I visited the school yesterday for orientation. The school is much nicer than my school was, although I have no complaints about my elementary school. The playground is bordered by large stands of trees, which makes a lovely visual backdrop. The playground at my school was bordered by a row of enormous eucalyptus trees and a chain-link fence, and beyond it the wind would whip across the sands of naval radar listening base from the ocean. My school playground, in my memories, is very white-yellow and baked with that California sun. Tallulah’s school’s playground is lush and green. Her school has a science lab, a music room, a library, an art room, an outdoor classroom, a bird-watching platform, gardens, etc. I’m impressed.

It’s not surprising that I felt out of place among the other parents at the orientation. At this point, I don’t know if I feel out of place because I expect to feel out of place, or if it’s because I really am out of place. Regardless, I’m starting to feel a little wistfully sad that the sorts of people I like to hang out with, the clever, caring, interesting, amusing, excited people, seem to be the sorts of people who do not expect to have children (with a few very noteworthy exceptions). Which is a perfectly valid, upstanding choice, to not have children. And yet, for my own selfish reasons, I wish I knew a lot more other adults who were the sort of people I am fond of, who were also parents.


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  1. csg Says:

    Yeah, never was one of the denim-jumper-and-Birkinstock moms either (or a cell-phone-and-briefcase mom for that matter). But once your kids start making friends, you may find that you don’t not fit in as much as you thought.
    By the by, you are indeed very close to being able to make mother/daughter trips to the cafe and they are swell. Patience, and good luck.

  2. elizabeth Says:

    Actually, I wish I knew more parents like you–the kind of parents who integrate children into their lives and don’t try to live through their children. Hip parents–and by that I don’t mean pretentious or self-indulgent or look for a boost of their egos through their kids. I’m not trying to snark on parenting; it’s just my biased view of things from the parentless world. Regardless, it’s great to read the blog of a strong mother.

  3. Hang in there. I’ll never catch up with you, but I hope to join the breeder club within a year or so…

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