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August 26, 2006

ballboy – “Where Do the Nights of Sleep Go To When They Do Not Come To Me?”

and there’s a memory in your heart
and it’s a terrifying thing
it remembers all the people
all the people you’ve betrayed
and the people that you failed
because you were not brave enough
or you panicked and you ran
or you were not brave enough

This band is a newish favorite of mine. A lot of their songs have a very anthemic quality to them, and all their songs have clever lyrics. This song is a particular joy for me because the drumbeat is exactly the beat I like to keep when walking to/from work/the bus stop. And so it has been a frequent headphone companion the past week.

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  1. Rullsenberg Says:

    HUGE fan of Ballboy so majorly pleased at your picking them as a “Song o’ the Day”. This album is my favourite of theirs, but please check out the following awesome tracks:

    “They’ll hang flags from cranes upon my wedding day” and “I hate Scotland” [to be found on the collection Club Anthems]
    A corking version of “Born in the USA” (yes, the Springsteen song) and “Past Lovers” [from The Sash My Father Wore (and other stories)]

    You might also want to know that you can get some download gems from their website for FREE!

    There are loads more beauties from their back catalogue, but these – aside from the wonder of “Guide to the daylight hours” – are some of my personal favourites.

    Oh yeah, and PLEASE check out the version of “I lost you but I found country music” which Ballboy did with Laura Cantrell. Amazingly it surpasses even the majesty of the original…

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