can I have some time alone?

August 29, 2006

— Matilda and me, watching the Paperhand Puppet Intervention show at the Forest Theater last Friday.

And I have posted more photos on Flickr this morning, including documentation of cupcakes! pizza! 1st day of kindergarten! Playmobil! Meriza! Kill Rock Stars!

I am in between jobs this week, so I am currently at home, and the children are at school and Sean is at work, and it is sooooo strange to be here alone. I have great plans for this week, though. I would like to attack the attic and get rid of extra stuff. I would like to watch more Buffy the Vampire Slayer (still only in season 2). I would like to finish some knitting projects. I would like to clean the house. I would like to read books. I would NOT like to spend money. I realized half our income this last summer went towards childcare. Oh yeah, THAT’s why there’s not as much money as I thought there’d be in my checking account.

I saw these shoes the other day at Hudson Belk. I really, really want them. Perhaps they will be onsale in the autumn, when I’ll really need some new shoes rather than just idly covet new shoes.

And I am so happy. Things really are coming together. (I don’t think I’ve ever been this happy before.) There are so many things in life that cause me joy right now, so much that is perfect and well-fitting. It’s almost a little scary, to be so happy.

Postcards and letters will be forthcoming. I’d started to forget how nice it was to scratch words onto paper.

4 Responses to “can I have some time alone?”

  1. pinky Says:

    Those shoes are so very you. I love them.

    I fully support your watching Buffy. I can’t remember if season 2 is a good one, but all the seasons are more than well worth watching.

  2. Aren’t the shoes awesome!? They look even better in real life. The brown ones are gorgeous, but I’d need the black ones with my wardrobe. Oh, I can’t wait till the Fall.

  3. robin of rockville Says:

    verdict on the flickr pics of your family-ness: happy-making.

  4. alicia Says:

    season 2 of buffy is a classic–but it’s season three that’s the best!

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