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September 2, 2006

Headlights – “TV”

This song sounds like how optimism feels – like stepping confidently forward.

The band’s on tour right now, and it’s quite an impressive list of dates. They’ll be in Chapel Hill in November, and probably somewhere near you pretty soon. I’ve been listening to the entire album lately after Jason tipped me off to this song “TV”, and the whole thing is REALLY GOOD.


2 Responses to “song o’ the day”

  1. jason Says:

    I was a bit disappointed to see White Whale has been added to the bill, they aren’t touring together but apparently the separate tours are converging at 506 that night.

    Hopefully we won’t see Headlights relegated to support act-status for that show as a result…

  2. pinky Says:

    what a great record! i’m really enjoying it.

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