bend me shape me

September 8, 2006

This music video by Ok Go is mesmerizing.

I started a new job this week, and I love it. I work in a music archive. Does this mean I am an archivist now rather than a librarian? So far I’ve learned some awesome things, like how to digitize reel to reel recordings. I am also getting excited about doing….reference work. See now, this is how life is, you go into something thinking one thing (“I hate dealing with the public and only want to catalog things in a back room away from weird people”) and then you learn things about the thought you had (“Hey wow, the weird people are actually in the back, cataloging” and “This is a lot of repetitive tasks to do all the time”) while still maintaining other thoughts (“Cataloging is really cool and interesting”) and then you end up in a job doing something totally different, that something you thought you wouldn’t want to be doing. I’m actually really looking forward to reference work – it’s like cataloging in some respects, in that you solve a puzzle. With cataloging you make a bunch of little decisions about how to fit the data into the existing structure. With reference you make a bunch of little decisions about what the patron really wants, what we might have to fit their want, how to find it, and so on. Well, we’ll see. I am an unseasoned reference person.

I am also very excited about learning how to use all the different playback equipment for all the different formats.

And excited to learn about the collection. There is so much exciting stuff here about which I know very little. For example, just yesterday I learned about shape note singing. Fascinating.

It is very cold at work. My desk is among ranges and ranges of shelves of boxes of records, papers, CDs, tapes, reels…and the temperature is kept low down. I will need to bring a blanket. And sweaters. And will remember to not come to work with bare legs.

I tend not to write about work, so this quite possibly will be the last you’ll hear of it on the Internet, but I must say how pleased I am with the job duties and the people I work with. Every single one of these people is so interesting, friendly, and weird (but in the BEST way…).


3 Responses to “bend me shape me”

  1. layne Says:

    YAY! I am so excited that you got the job! Congratulations!

  2. Karen Says:

    So happy to hear it!

    “Hey wow, the weird people are actually in the back, cataloging!”

    Often, yes!

  3. Mo Says:

    Archivist! You’re an archivist!!! A-VIST! YOU!

    Congrats on the job…

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