very much chuffed

September 10, 2006

This past week has left me wide-eyed, in disbelief. I don’t quite understand it. How did I end up here, with this life? How am I so lucky to be here, now? I can hardly process everything. It’s Sunday night, and I am sitting here, almost throbbing with happiness at all the events and moments and things that have happened over the course of the week. And it’s nothing earth-shattering – but it’s just a number of things that make me realize Oh my God, I live in a community, and I am a part of this community, and people are lovely, and I love it.

This afternoon and evening I took my daughters with me to Usufruct, an event (what other word to describe it, not quite a party, not quite a festival, not quite neighbors just hanging out?) at a house in my neighborhood. This is a gorgeous house surrounded by 10 acres of hilly, wooded land, and the owners are looking to sell the land, and if it is sold, it will likely be sold to developers, and the people who rent the house there have been trying to figure out a way to preserve this greenspace in the center of town for the community. So they hosted an event to get people over there to see the land to help figure out what we can do to preserve this as a community place. Besides the gorgeous house, there is a trail through the woods that leads to an abandoned commercial swimming pool built in the 1920s that they think might be a great place to show films. There is another trail down a hill that leads to the Recylcery, a place for people to bring their bicycles and learn how to fix them and help other people learn how to fix them, plus an experimental community garden brimming with more basil than anyone would ever know what to do with. We stayed there for 5 hours, and it was the cream on the cake of this week that has blown my mind. Maria was reading Tarot there, and she read the cards for me, and it was a freakishly relevant reading. And all I can say about it all is a series of exclamation points. And so here are the exclamation points.


I really can’t process it all. I am almost dumb with amazement and knowing the people I know here and loving them so much, and hearing the sounds of the crickets making a racket on this September night I am in LOVE with the night, and in LOVE with Carrboro, and in LOVE with you, and you, and you, and most of all you.


4 Responses to “very much chuffed”

  1. blogpatriot Says:

    I’d be interested to know if you were ever this happy in California. I live in the Southeast, and I talk to people who moved here from CA, and they say that overall their life is much better here. Is living in CA really horrible? I just wonder sometimes, because I was only a child when I visited my uncle there. I’m happy for you though! -A

  2. elizabeth Says:

    Wow! This *really* made me miss Carrboro/CH-town.


    But yea for community!

  3. Erin Says:

    Hooray! I am so glad to see this entry from you, you so deserve all of this happiness! It is also so nice to see happy blog entries; so often we only blog when we’re upset or outraged. It’s nice to stop a moment and be happy, too. :)

  4. Sunny Says:

    Thanks for sharing this will all of us. It is really great to hear that things are falling into place for you and your family. You have worked very hard and deserve every bit of it!

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