Band of Horses, 9/14/06, at the Cat’s Cradle

September 16, 2006

This was a very fun show. The first opening act (didn’t catch their name) wasn’t quite my cup of tea, but they weren’t bad. The second act, Chad van Galen, was pretty good, singer-songwriter with some drums that really caught me, although I was much happier when he brought out an actual drummer halfway through his set rather than relying on pre-recorded drums. And then Band of Horses played – I found their music to be pretty generic guitar rock, which again isn’t usually my cup of tea. BUT — the singer’s voice is so distinctive, it really makes the music special, and I really enjoyed their set. The singer had some pretty amusing, endearing between song banter. He was well aware of the fact that they only have about 35 minutes of recorded music from which to draw a set, and he told the crowd the band would play a lot of new songs and covers, and they did. Not a mind-blowing show by any means, but definitely very comfortable and fun. It was a great night out.

But they have this one song that’s been floating around on the Internet for a while, “The Funeral,” and it’s a shockingly good song. It sounded pretty great live too. It’s very power-ballady, but somehow I love it. The frat boys in attendance loved it too. (Where do they come from? How do they hear about these things?) The frat boys were very well-behaved, so I was sorta glad to see them there. (Ha, I keep typing “fart boys” and having to go back and edit.) I’ve grown less exclusive as the years go by, pretty glad to see people of any stripe now respectfully enjoying a show, coming out to support good music.

There’s been a few weeks’ lull in shows I want to see around here, but it’s about to get busy again. Next week – M. Ward, Sufjan Stevens, and Beirut. And more to come in the next month or so.

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