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September 19, 2006

Western Graves – My Love Rides With You

Oh my sweet friend, I pray my heart’s not an intrusion.
I wonder when these feelings will collide.
I recommend we spend our nights dancin’.
It’s hard to pretend I don’t want your hand in mine.

I heard this song on WXYC the other day. It was one of those songs that immediately grab my attention. It’s an interesting mix of styles. The song starts out with some old time country, with gentle strumming , low-down male singing with simultaneous higher female vocals. There are two musical interludes that are kind of modern and eery and yet Old World folky – a slow waltz with fiddling and a theremin I think. And then the song finally breaks out into a joyous throwdown hoedown. It’s a really lovely mash of styles, and I’ve found myself singing the final rollicking refrain to myself the past few days (God damn my heart rides with you don’t you know!)

This song was released as part of the Nightpass Quilt Series, from the Nightpass label out in the Valley in L.A. I’ve never heard of this label before but I’m really intrigued by them, must check them out some more. And I haven’t found very much information about the band, besides the fact that they might be from the Pacific NW.

This song’s up on a myspace page – it’s the one just called “Western Graves”


5 Responses to “song o’ the day”

  1. Kristine Says:

    Hello! I’ve tracked you down from this post and was wondering if you’d be interested in joining the (currently empty) Buffy WordPress community over at To add you as an author I’ll need your e-mail address, which you can send to If you’re not interested, then sorry for bugging you!

  2. Kitty Says:

    Theremin, or maybe musical saw?

  3. allan Says:

    so, i happen to be in this band. being the dorks we are, one of my fellow band mates has something set at his work, so that when our name comes up it notifies him. we would all like to pretend that we are above looking ourselves up on the internet, but of course you always hope that folks will care about what you are doing. oh yeah, and it is indeed a musical saw and we are from the northwest, seattle to be exact. if you want a copy of some other songs we recorded, email me your address and i’ll mail you a cd-r. sadly, we ran out of the packaging we made, so it will most likely just be a plain old cd-r but i suppose that’s okay. the recording we have done is a bit rough but we plan to do a proper recording in a few months. thanks for your interest!


  4. allan Says:

    p.s. the song is actually called “my heart rides with you”.
    nightpass messed that one up. also, you should check out a band called the aum rifle. it was our singer/guitarist/banjo player and the guy who does nightpass.

  5. laura Says:

    i found this song randomly on myspace and love it to bits, never know the title of it until know!
    w.g have a myspace but its only got two friends and no music it seems.
    anyway, thank you for putting the lyrics up becuase it was this blog that led me to the title.

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