October 24, 2006

First frost of the season this morning!!!!!!!!!!

I explained September 11, 2001 to my daughters last night after reading the book The Man Who Walked Between the Towers. We’d read it a number of times before, but now they are very curious about why the towers are no longer there. So I explained in as kid-friendly language as possible what happened, and then showed them the pictures from the cover of the New York Times that I saved from 9/12/01 (but NOT the pictures inside, especially NOT the one of the person jumping from the building to a certain death). I never save newspapers but I saved that one. We talked about it a while and as far as I can guess they got this out of it – “Some very bad people flew airplanes into the buildings because they wanted to kill other people. And some people are bad, but thankfully most people are good.”

And then Matilda woke at 4 in the morning crying. She came to bed and told me about the scary monsters she saw in her dreams. She’s never really had nightmares before, not the sort of ones that rouse her from sleep. So I’m wondering if maybe that conversation caused it. Unfortunately, it was going to have to come up sooner or later.

And I remembered this morning how I, very largely pregnant, was sitting in a roadside diner with a very small Tallulah somewhere along I-5 on my way back to Oakland from San Diego. They were showing bombings in Iraq on the TVs, and I felt so hopeless. When we were marching in the streets in San Francisco, I knew it didn’t mean anything, that we all had no say in anything, that the war in Iraq was inevitable. But that night the impotence really came home for me. And now we’ve been bombing Iraq for the duration of Matilda’s entire life.

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  1. elizabeth Says:

    This is very sobering. Thanks for sharing.

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