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October 31, 2006

Tapes ‘n Tapes – “Insistor”

And don’t be terse and don’t be shy
Just hug my lips and say goodbye

I went to see this band play in town last night. Before the show I sat behind the doorman and watched all the people coming in. The venue requires each patron have a membership due to the risible state and county alcohol laws, and almost everyone coming in the door had to buy a membership – I guess there were a lot of first-timers coming out to that particular venue for the show. Which made me feel a little chuffed about when I had come in the door and had been recognized by the doorman. Later that evening the owner of the club walked by and grabbed my elbow and said Hello which pleased me to no end. I do not indulge in scenester tendencies much at all, but I must admit it felt nice to be recognized. Guess I’m a local now.

The band played really well, making a sweet, sweet ruckus. They did this song particularly well, building up to crescendos in a way that I liked quite a bit.


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  1. jason Says:

    No mention of that blistering tuba solo? : )

    see the boys play Insistor on Late Night…

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