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November 3, 2006

Thee Headcoatees – “What Once Was”

(download here)

Don’t talk to me, baby,
Of what could have been.
Don’t talk to me, baby,
About your tragic dream.

I first heard Thee Headcoatees on a mixtape Michelle J. made for me back in the mid-90s. (Thanks Michelle!) The band was put together in the early 90s by Billy Childish (under the name The Delmonas at first) as a sister band to his band The Milkshakes (later known as Thee Headcoats). It was a small group of women who made some most excellent crunchy 60s-style garage rock. Holly Golightly (who now has a solo career) was one of the women.

This song is one of my favorites by them – I really like the brittle guitar sound and the sneering British vocals. Can’t forget that tambourine either!


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  1. Kitty Says:

    Hey, thanks for this one!

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