song o’ the day

November 15, 2006

Califone – “3Legged Animals”

Leave your memories; we’re almost new.
Sleep for me, sleepless.
Dream for me, dreamless.

I startled awake this morning with this song in my head. I had seen the band play live just hours before, and it was great to wake up in the dark, dark morning and climb out of the cocoon of blankets with this song buzzing in my head. It made it easier to push forward into the day, despite wanting to stay warm and asleep. This song, though the words are cryptic, is very positive, very “Go onward, you can do it” in feel.

Califone were pretty impressive. Such a rich sonic texture. (Ha ha, I can’t believe I just typed that.) I’m too tired to say much more about it. It was a very late show.

You can download the song from here. I highly recommend doing that.

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