and the rain came down

November 22, 2006

I was in the main library on campus yesterday for the final orientation in a long series of orientations when a fire alarm began to ring out in the building. All the staff members began orderly filing out, past the students who looked up, unmoving, from their laptops and books. A voice came over the PA – “Attention please, this is not a drill.” So we all huddled outside in the cold morning, and I noticed FLURRIES OF SNOW falling from the sky, trace amounts really, like delicate breaths of snowflakes coming down. It was lovely.

And then later in the morning it started raining. And it continued raining. All day, and night. And into this morning. This is my least favorite weather type. Cold rain. It requires so much extra wardrobe planning in the morning to make the trek to and from the bus stops as waterproof as possible. Despite the fact that galoshes are quite the trendy item this year (and last), they are indispensable – campus is riddled with puddles – so I purchased a pair recently. And then there will be flats in a plastic bag to change into at work because I can’t stomp around in boots all day at work. And then nylon knee socks so that they will dry quickly once I get to work. And then legwarmers over the knee socks because nylon doesn’t do much in the way of warmth. And then wool skirt and sweater for their warmth despite getting wet. And then wool overcoat, mittens, scarf, hat. And umbrella.

Hello winter.

3 Responses to “and the rain came down”

  1. matt sweeney Says:

    Just please keep the rain down there until I get home OK? Traffic in DC when it rains is bad enough, throw in all the folks passing through DC to get to where they need to go for Thanksgiving means my commute home would just be pure hell on earth, instead of the mostly hell on earth it’ll be if its dry.

    Why didn’t I take the day off again?

  2. Matt, thankfully we decided to NOT drive to NYC for Thanksgiving this year, mostly due to the hellish traffic through DC on holidays such as this.

    My sympathies!

  3. Kristina Says:

    …because I can’t stomp around in boots all day at work

    I can! And I am. In combat boots. Stomp stomp stomp.

    No one is on the second floor of Manning except me and Donald.

    At noon, I went to the bathroom for the first time and the door was still propped open from nighttime cleaning.

    It was nasty getting in today, though. Bleh. I can handle cold. And rain. But sideways cold rain is where I draw the line.

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