oh, my pretties

December 4, 2006

It’s that shopping time of year again, of course. And among all the presents I get to accumulate for other people, I have a lovely little sum of money from my mother to spend only on myself. I’m wondering if I will blow the whole thing on wool thigh-highs and striped kneesocks and more socks and garters from Sock Dreams and (for once) attractive panties. On the other hand, word has got around that Topshop now ships to the USA….and holy crap –

cutest skirt, maybe cutest ever
freakishly adorable dress
another lovely dress (though I wonder how the lack of a waist will look on me)

And then of course, there are sharp clothes from Ben Sherman, like this fetching skirt and this perfect striped sweater. And Fred Perry has got an AMAZING knitted polo shirt with a delicate feminine collar that I have been coveting for weeks now.

But I DO NOT need sweaters and skirts, I DO NOT need sweaters and skirts, I DO NOT need sweaters and skirts, I DO NOT need sweaters and skirts…but maybe I need a dress. :)


4 Responses to “oh, my pretties”

  1. Michelle Says:

    Yes, Topshop is good, but the exchange rate is making me cry. We’re in England right now. Did you know the exchange rate is very nearly $2 to the pound right now? I fear we will now have an after-Christmas-sale shopping extravaganza this year. :'(

  2. Sunny Says:

    The waist-less dress is very cute. I think it would look nice on you.

  3. pinky Says:

    I’ve missed your shopping posts! you could have your own “cool-hunting” type blog, should you desire it. I’m always impressed at the swell things you turn up.

  4. elizabeth Says:

    I second Pinky’s comment. Your shopping posts always help me turn up wonderful items, and I am usually completely despondent about finding clothes I like.

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