but you, my bombazine doll

December 7, 2006

When I’m sitting in a parking lot, like I was last night, wanting to rip my heart out of my chest and throw it on someone’s doorstep, it’s good to know that I have friends that I can call who, at a moment’s notice, will have me sitting in their living room with drinks already made. So I can bawl my eyes out and let the franticness release somewhat.

I haven’t had friends nearby – physically and emotionally – like this in years.


3 Responses to “but you, my bombazine doll”

  1. pinky Says:

    yes, that is good. you’re lucky.

  2. nancy drew Says:

    dude, i know you would have my back if i got into some kind of trouble in a really sticky investigation.

    you are the cagney to my lacey.

  3. owlmother Says:

    We once had a friend who told us he slept in his car on the street in front of our house (I wish he had just come in because the dog barked anwyay) and I have driven through streets with phone numbers and addresses clasped in my hand knowing I never need use them just have them.

    Sorry you are having bad times, lady.

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