December 26, 2006

To relate all the interesting bits about Christmas this year, I should just send you over to Maria’s journal, since we were at her house on Christmas Eve, and she captured the best parts, for example, the ham flying off of Tallulah’s fork onto my breast. I had told that girl many times to be careful about waving her fork around when she’s got ham on it, but she was excited, and so the ham finally did fly off. Directly onto my black-clad breast. Which aroused a few moments of amusing, be-careful-where-you-put-your-ham banter around the table.

The children greatly enjoyed their presents, and they got a number of good-quality, interesting stuff this year. But other than their joy (which is precious to me) not much else about this time of year is causing much happiness in me. To quote one Sufjan Stevens, “that was the worst Christmas ever.”

Here’s hoping 2007 is a good year. Though I know it’s going to be tough. I think I’m actually going to make a few very well thought out resolutions this year.


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  1. Rullsenberg Says:

    I truly do hope you have a good 2007; you deserve it. A hug all the way from the UK to you and yours.

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