my top 20 + 1 songs of 2006

January 13, 2007

Well, yeah, things have been busy, and it took me a lot of time to really allow my list of favorite songs of 2006 to coalesce, but I have given it some thought, and I have to say, I really liked the following tracks:

(in no order whatsoever)

1. Pelle Carlberg – “Clever Girls Like Clever Boys Much More Than Clever Boys Like Clever Girls”
2. the Starlight Mints – “Seventeen Devils”
3. Casiotone For the Painfully Alone – “When You Were Mine” (yes, it’s a cover of the Prince song, but sooooo good, so deadpan)
4. Band of Horses – “The Funeral”
5. the Strokes – “On the Other Side”
6. Beirut – “Postcards From Italy”
7. Headlights – “TV”
8. Camera Obscura – “If Looks Could Kill”
9. M. Ward – “Poison Cup”
10. the Foundry Field Records – “Buried Beneath the Winter Frames”
11. Islands – “Rough Gem”
12. Califone – “3Legged Animals”
13. the Gossip – “Standing in the Way of Control”
14. Arab Strap – “[If There’s] No Hope For Us”
15. Belle and Sebastian – “Another Sunny Day”
16. Tapes ‘n Tapes – “Insistor”
17. Still Flyin’ – “M’stery Tent”
18. the Pipettes – “Pull Shapes”
19. Peter Bjorn and John – “Young Folks”
20. Lily Allen – “LDN”

And one more, for a not so even 21:

21. Yo La Tengo – “Tighten Up” (it’s a novelty song but cracks me up every single time I hear it)

I wanted to include a Destroyer song, because I loved the album so much, but that 9 minute song that I loved just became annoying as a stand-alone track after a while. The whole album, though, is definitely in my top 3 favorite albums of last year, with Camera Obscura’s album, and…um, something else.

I have to say, I feel like 2005 was a much more exciting year for music than 2006.

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