can you dig it?

January 21, 2007

(I’m the 2nd from the left, in the blue and white dress, Robb took the photo)

Violet Vector and the Lovely Lovelies played their first show last night at Local 506, opening for The Gondoliers and Death of the Sun. I have taken a hiatus from the band due to some personal things I have had going on, so it was a very bittersweet night for me, to watch the band really come together onstage. They played so well, and looked so cute, and the club was packed with friends and other random people. I really think the band is going to go somewhere – Chapel Hill is ready for a super P!O!P! almost-all-girl band.

Amanda called me up onstage for the last song, “Can You Dig It.” Matt handed me a tambourine, and we got to playing. And it felt SO GOOD to be onstage with my lovelies, and play our song together, and look out into the crowd of people and see them happy and dancing and smiling, and all those familiar faces. I’d thought it would be terrifying to be onstage, but it wasn’t at all, it just felt very, very fun.

I hope I can play with the band for real in the near future. It was hard not to start crying on my way out of the club.

5 Responses to “can you dig it?”

  1. Sunny Says:

    I can definitely dig it. Your dress is way cute!!

  2. Rullsenberg Says:

    Echoe that Sunny! I bet you sounded great too. Good luck with the new place as well.

  3. zahra Says:

    i’ve admired your blog for a while. i love your taste in music, and just checked out the song on myspace- it’s brilliant!
    somebody on livejournal did a ‘DITL’ and you were part of it. she saw you play and said you were all lovely. so yeah, i hope you can play with the band soon! xxx

  4. Alesia Says:

    I am so proud of you!!

    (…though I’ve always thought of you as a rock star.)

  5. robin of rockville Says:

    you are awesome

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