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February 9, 2007

Two songs of the day, one new, one old, both new to me!

Midlake – “Young Bride”

My young bride,
why aren’t you moving at all?
Helps to make the day seem shorter.

I went to see this band play a show in town the other night, at Jason’s urging, and I’m really glad I did. They were very impressive – great songs, great skill, great showmanship. It was a fantastic set. And this was the best song. The chorus just soars is one way to describe it…

the Gerbils – “Crayon Box”

Look what you’ve done. How could you
Go out and watch the show without me?
You know that Portastatic is still my favorite band.

Now I see what I was missing out on in the mid-late 90s, not having any knowledge at all of the Athens, GA music scene. It’s fun playing catch-up, especially for coming across gems like the Gerbils. This is really great fuzzy-guitared, lo-fi, head-bopping pop. Well, and the words in this song crack me up. I’ve felt this way before, but with different band name substituted for Portastatic!

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  1. dominic Says:

    Thanks for writing about Midlake. I checked them out and now that I really like what I’m hearing, I’m going to be forced to see them at the Troubador.

    Call me soon or tell me when to call you.

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