sleepy girls

February 15, 2007

The other night Tallulah woke up crying. She’d had a bad dream. She told me that in her dream she had brought Matilda to aftercare (afterschool program at her kindergarten) with her, and that they lost her. And then she burst into tears again, still half asleep, and said, “I love Matilda so much!”

Which jerked my heart a bit, because the way those two girls fight, sometimes it’s easy to forget that they are sisters, very close sisters, and that they love each other dearly. They’ve started sleeping in bed together, and it’s beyond adorable to see their two little heads on their pillows so near to each other, their dark hair and milky faces with sleep-ruddy cheeks so similar to each other. Tallulah looks a bit more like Sean, and Matilda looks a bit more like me, but they’re obviously sisters when you look at them.

It’s really heartening to see the love and care they show for each other sometimes.


3 Responses to “sleepy girls”

  1. Chris(Mom) Says:

    I’d hoped the day would one day come that my child would know of the wonderous feelings she drew out of me…almost undescribable they are, but when I read some of the lines you write of your times with your daughters (they are too precious)I know you do and it makes me feel really good…

  2. owlmother Says:

    I remember having dreams like that at 5 and 6. Going places and losing dear people.

  3. Sunny Says:

    This post, along with the comment from your mom, is about the most sincere, sweet thing that I have read in a very long time.

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