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February 15, 2007

Tullycraft – “Pink Lemonade (4-track version)”

Well I swear,
You’re so cute, you could be an angel.
You’re as pretty as pink lemonade.
Well I swear.

I received a copy of this compilation in the mail last week, and I don’t recall exactly how come, but I’m glad it showed up in the mailbox. A little searching on the internet tells me it was originally released in 1996, and there are a bunch of lions of indiepop on the thing. About half the songs are great. This is a very rough version of “Pink Lemonade.” I like songs like this, that kind of straddle the line between pop and punk. Sometimes it’s hard to tell where one genre stops and the other begins. (OK, don’t laugh at me for saying that.) Anyway, this is a fast guitar song sort of in the vein of the more upbeat Unrest songs. I could totally see myself jumping up and down to this song at a Tullycraft show…that is, if Tullycraft ever, ever, ever managed to play in Chapel Hill, ahem.

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  1. caitlin Says:

    I’ve never heard this version of “Pink Lemonade” – I only have the one from ‘The Singles’ CD. I sure love Tullycraft. Have you heard their ‘Disenchanted Hearts Unite’ CD? It’s really good! Great post!

  2. Megan Says:

    I’m planning on traveling by train to Chicago next week to see Tullycraft! I’m hoping to catch them afterwards and talk to them about the possibility of playing the Toledo Popfest later this year.

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