some things that make me happy this week

March 22, 2007

1. Schooner’s song “Make Me Mad” heard on their myspace page.

2. Hearing Jenny’s voice on the phone at work instead of the usual work-type stuff.

3. Remembering standing on various street corners in D.C. last week waiting for the lights to change, bare-legged in a new skirt, wind and sun in hair. That was a very happy time.

4. Matilda dancing.

5. Witch hazel (I think) in bloom around town.

6. Music fanzines from the mid 1980s I get to flip through at work. Makes me wanna ditch this blog thing and start a fanzine instead, almost.

It’s good to remember some concrete happymaking things at times like this. Should remind myself to do this exercise more often.


2 Responses to “some things that make me happy this week”

  1. robin of rockville Says:

    gardening at night also makes you happy :). i remember you wrote that once.

    i think fireflies at night would also be cool. if i had your hair and the way it frames your face it’d also make me happy. and your collection of knee socks. and your beautiful daughters!

  2. Matt S Says:

    You were in DC? Aw, I missed another chance to meet you. Courtney was just here this week. I took her to the Zoo and she got to see the baby panda eating bamboo, I think she’s set for life now.

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