…in other words, the songs I can’t stop listening to, this May of 2007.
…or, what happens when a van occupanther meets a bewilderbeast.

Spin Me ‘Round, I’m Falling
May 2007, a music mix from Robin
98 MB – download from sendspace

1. I Had Too Much To Dream (Last Night) / the Electric Prunes
2. Single Life / Pink Mountaintops
3. Je ne te connais pas / Prototypes
4. Bewilderbeast / Badly Drawn Boy
5. And Then She Flung Me the Truth / Edson
6. Make Me Mad / Schooner
7. Branches / Midlake
8. Ears Like Golden Bats / My Teenage Stride
9. Hooplas Involving Circus Tricks / Say Hi To Your Mom
10. Satan Said Dance / Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
11. Her Breasts Were Still Small / Tribeca
12. It Goes Like This / Black Affair
13. Lions and Tigers / Asobi Seksu
14. No Satisfaction / Black Mountain
15. Dear Friend / Leslies
16. Kneebending / Cowboy
17. Isn’t Life Strange / the Clientele
18. Liar / Built To Spill
19. I Have No Sister / Oh No! Oh My!
20. In My Head / the Ballet
21. I’ve Got Pictures of You In Your Underwear / Ballboy

FINALLY!!!! I’ve been saying for years Playmobil needs to make an Ancient Rome set, and they’ve FINALLY DONE IT. Not available in the USA until September though….

my Jamaican girl

May 7, 2007

My sister took this video when we were driving to our cousin’s wedding in Missouri last March. I love how Matilda at the very end says “stop!”