damned patriarchy

June 4, 2007

It makes me pretty sad sometimes to look at my delightful, strong, lovely, amazing daughters with a joy for life and a natural state of happiness and realize our society is set up to take all that away from them before they reach adulthood.

I wish they’d never have to feel the fear that comes with walking down a street, even a well-lit street, alone. Etc.

I’m feeling incoherent due to reading a pretty awful recent news story.


5 Responses to “damned patriarchy”

  1. Justin Says:

    Is there a link to said new story?

  2. nancy drew Says:

    what is this news story?

  3. The “alleged” gang rape at De Anza College:


  4. Sunny Says:

    I have been following this story for the last few months. Recently, the girls who rescued the rape victim were honored at a San Jose Giants (minor league team for the SF Giants) game. Of course, that doesn’t make up for the lack of prosecutions. I suspect that the Duke case has set a very scary precedent in these types of cases.

  5. amiko Says:

    Robin, you haven’t posted in three weeks. I am worried about you. I hope everything is OK.

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