on frugal eating

June 4, 2007

My grocery bill for the week came to roughly $25. The girls and I went out to eat for $10 on Saturday, and tonight I think I’m going to get a club sandwich for maybe another $10 or less.

I’m learning about how to make meals last for days, how to use non-meat proteins in a somewhat creative fashion, how to vary the starches so one doesn’t get bored (rice, couscous, pasta, and so on), and how EXPENSIVE fresh fruits and vegetables are – I’ve been relying on frozen vegetables, but still have to stick with fresh fruits. This learning is due to necessity, but I admit, I’m feeling pretty proud of myself.


2 Responses to “on frugal eating”

  1. Pat Veretto Says:

    If you have a chance, check out a farmer’s market or roadside stand for fresh vegetables and fruits during the summer. You can usually find them cheaper than grocery store prices and they’re of better quality. Eating only things that are in season makes a real difference in prices, too.

  2. Sunny Says:

    I’ll second that. This time of year, nearly all of our fruits and vegetables come directly from the farmers.

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