June 27, 2007

Two anecdotes:

1. I was sitting on my back porch one morning this past weekend, or perhaps the weekend before. I heard a lot of strange animal chattering and looked up. I was surrounded by about a dozen squirrels, all looking intently at me, waving their tails threateningly. Some were on the ground, some in the trees. After reading about the German rampaging squirrel, this situation had me worried. I thought maybe I should back away slowly into the kitchen. I stood my ground though and watched them for a while while they watched me. For the rest of the morning the girls and I could hear the squirrels chattering and chasing each other through the trees and on the ground. Maybe it was mating season?

2. On Monday morning, while waiting for me to lock up the house, Matilda was bouncing on her yellow bouncy ball (thanks! Christy!) in the backyard. Then she screamed because she almost bounced right into a squirrel carcass. I had her show it to me. It was pretty well on its way to being decomposed already, strange we hadn’t found it/smelled it yet. I didn’t do anything about the dead squirrel, just shuffled the girls into the car, and off we went to school. And I’ve been wondering since then, gee, do I need to dispose of this? Is it going to start smelling bad? Why hasn’t it started smelling bad yet? Can I just leave it for the vultures to pick at until the bones are left? Do we have vultures in Chapel Hill?


2 Responses to “squirrels”

  1. ccg Says:

    I don’t know about vultures, but I am glad there are still yellow bouncy balls in Chapel Hill. It was a great toy.

  2. pinky Says:

    It’s funny you should mention this, because yesterday when I was leaving the house, what seemed like a dozen squirrels took off running from my driveway. It was SO WEIRD. As I walked to the garage, a bunch of them swarmed a little tree, and it seemed like the tree was MOVING. I’m used to deer or bunnies sprinting away whenever I come outside, but big bunches of squirrels are a surprise.

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