Music For Commuting

December 9, 2008

These are Marisha's feet.  Photo taken by Marisha.

These are Marisha's feet. Photo taken by Marisha.

Music For Commuting
(download via sendspace)

1. Pulp “What Do You Say”
2. the Family Way “Sugar Baby Love”
3. Afraid of Stars “When Nothing”
4. Smog “Hit the Ground Running”
5. the Clean “On Again/Off Again”

My walk to work is twenty minutes door-to-door. It’s not quite long enough for me to listen to an entire album on my iPod. So I put together a wee mix, exactly twenty minutes in length. It’s called “Music For Commuting.” You can download it too and listen to it on your iPod! Even if you don’t walk to work! About the songs:

1. I thought I had everything Pulp ever recorded, but boy was I wrong. I was mightily surprised to see “What Do You Say” posted on the Shelflife Records blog, having never heard of the song. And I was even more mightily surprised at how awesome the song is.

2. A few months ago Ara gave me a handful of CDs from the record label he used to run, Foxyboy. The collection of songs from the Family Way was my favorite of the CDs, and “Sugar Baby Love” is the best song on the CD. The chorus is very, very sing-along-able.

3. I first heard Afraid of Stairs in 2005 when I was slightly obsessed with Labrador Records. They are no longer on that label, and I haven’t heard much from them since, except for this delightful song “When Nothing,” which I believe was released on Lavender Records.

4. The Other Robin put the Smog song “Hit the Ground Running” on a mixtape she sent to me in 2004 (?) It’s been a perennial favorite of mine since then.

5. Finally, I think “On Again/Off Again” is my third favorite Clean song. OK, maybe fourth favorite. I particularly like the organ bits in the song.

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