Music For Commuting, Part 2

January 5, 2009

These are my feet, walking to work

These are my feet, walking to work

Music For Commuting, Part 2
(download via sendspace)

1. the Clientele “Share the Night”
2. Love Is All “Wishing Well”
3. Sexy Kids “Sisters Are Forever”
4. Crystals Stilts “Crystal Stilts”
5. Comet Gain “Last Night”
6. Boyracer “Fuck Clapton, Fuck Hendrix…”

Right here is another music mix for commuting. I’ve been listening to it for the past few weeks, the very few times I had to commute. This one is about 2 minutes longer than the last one, so I have to pause in the elevator lobby in the library to finish the last song up. It can be downloaded from sendspace. About the songs:

1. I am SO MUCH IN LOVE with how funky the Clientele have been getting lately. I am very fond of their older, quieter, hazy-day-in-October songs, but they can’t always stay in one place, musicwise, and I’m quite pleased with the new direction their songs are taking. “Share the Night” is from the EP released last year That Night, A Forest Grew.

2. “Wishing Well” is the first single off of Love Is All’s recent album. I’ve listened to the new album a few times, and I have to say I don’t like how subdued the saxophone bits are compared to their previous releases. The brash, loud saxophone really added something special to their songs, I thought. That said, this is my favorite song on the new album.

3. & 4. These songs by Sexy Kids and Crystal Stilts are from new releases on Slumberland Records. I’m very pleased with that label’s recent output. The Sexy Kids 7″ and the Crystal Stilts LP were on constant rotation at my house this past December.

5. I’ve been in a Comet Gain sort of mood recently. “Last Night” is from the album Casino Classics, and every time I hear it I am reminded of a mixtape sent to me some time ago, though I can’t remember which tape, nor who sent it to me. Maybe it was a mix CD. (It was probably Roman who sent it, I imagine.)

6. The last song closes out the Boyracer album Absence Makes the Heart Grow Harder. If you can handle the minute of noise at the beginning of the song, you will soon find your head bopping along joyfully and savagely.

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