More than anything in this world I wanna be your only girl

February 24, 2009

I’ve had the song “Ringo, I Love You” by Stereo Total in my head since Saturday afternoon, and IT HAS GOT TO STOP. It’s a great song but I really really really wish it would stop.

It started on Saturday because I realized after I had gotten dressed to go out for an afternoon with Cathleen that I was wearing exactly what I would have worn when I was in college – a buttoned vintage shirt vaguely cowboy in style but with floral fabric, a cardigan sweater, and jeans. I was feeling a bit nostalgic after realizing that and spent the rest of the day listening to the songs I listened to in the mid-late 90s. Of course, there were a lot of Stereo Total songs in the mix.

A few seconds spent Googling tells me this song was actually first recorded by Cher in 1964 under the pseudonym Bonnie Jo Mason. It was her first single, and Phil Spector produced it. Oh my goodness, this is fantastic:

(Though I prefer Stereo Total’s cover, in the end.)

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