That’s the end

March 31, 2009

Today is my last day at this job, and I realize now that I should have come up with something clever to say to my coworkers in response to the pleasant “What are you going to do next” queries I’ve been peppered with all day, something vaguely plausible but utterly ridiculous, something like, “I’m going to New Zealand to pick apples for the next six months.”

Instead I’ve been telling them how I’m hoping to collect unemployment for a bit until I can find a job, and I mention a few of the projects I’m going to tackle, like cleaning the grout in my shower, painting a wall in my living room, building a raised garden bed. The people close in age to me nod their head in understanding. I guess we’re all used to instability in our employment histories. The people more established in their jobs look slightly unsettled. I’m trying to treat this unemployment thing like it’s no big deal, like it’s something I can easily handle and work through because, like Audra used to say, “Fake it till you make it.”


I am unemployed as of tomorrow at 6 pm, thus I will no longer have reliable Internet access, thus I will be listening to a lot more records at home rather than digital music at work, thus this is the last music mix for a long while. Unless I can find a good price on a used cassette deck.

Who Is the Girl Who Plays the Tambourine
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1. (My Girl’s Got) Miraculous Technique / Belle and Sebastian
2. Saving Up Her Wishes (For Another Christmas) / Celestial
3. Metal To Metal / Pelle Carlberg
4. Why Won’t He Answer / Strawberry Fair
5. Falling In Love / Sambassadeur
6. Here Comes That Feeling / El Perro del Mar
7. Ask Johnny Dee / the Chesterfields
8. Theme From Teenage Suicide / My Teenage Stride
9. My Favorite Dress / the Wedding Present
10. Susan’s In the Sky / Bubblegum Lemonade
11. French Navy / Camera Obscura

It’s pretty heavy on the Swedes in the beginning but gets somewhat flushed out with some Scots, Englishmen, and Americans.

I am about a week away from unemployment, and I have listed some CDs for sale on ebay, merchant name basilgildersleeve.

I also have a bunch of other CDs that aren’t worth listing on ebay, these are the kind of CDs you see in used bins all the time. If you need to fill in some spots in your back catalog of musical knowledge, you might like some of them.

Should you be interested in any of these, I would love to sell them to you for roughly the cost of shipping. Thus I would like to sell them for $2 for the first CD, plus $1 for each additional CD, shipping to the USA only. I will also ship to outside of the USA, but the price would be more due to the increased shipping rates. Please email me if you are interested at rsdchen at gmail dot com.

The list of CDs available for this low low price:

AC/DC / Highway To Hell / Atlantic
Tal Bachman / S/T / Columbia
The Beach Boys / Pet Sounds / Capitol
The Beautiful South / 0898 Beautiful South / Elektra

Chuck Berry / The Great Twenty-Eight comp / MCA Records
Bis / Social Dancing / Grand Royal/Capitol
Björk / Homogenic / Elektra
Blur / Special Collectors Edition / EMI Japan
Blur / Unlucky For Some / Some Australian bootleg? Released by ABS

Billy Bragg & Wilco / Mermaid Avenue / Elektra
Bernard Butler / People Move On / Creation/Columbia
Catatonia / International Velvet / Warner Bros/Vapor
Catatonia / Way Beyond Blue / Blanco y Negro
Churchbuilder / Patty Darling / Shelflife
The Clash / S/T / Epic
Coldplay / Parachutes / EMI
The Cranberries / No Need To Argue / Island
Creedence Clearwater Revival / Willy and the Poor Boys / Fantasy

The Crooner / Heaven Airlines / Shelflife
Derek and the Dominos / Layla / Polydor
Ani DiFranco / Living in Clip (live 2XCD) / Righteous Babe/BMI
DJ Shadow / Endtroducing… / Mo Wax
DJ Shadow / Preemptive Strike / Mo Wax
DJ Spooky / Creation Rebel / Trojan
Dr. Dre / The Chronic / Interscope
Donovan / The Hurdy Gurdy Man / Epic
Drugstore / S/T / Honey/Go!
Echobelly / Everyone’s Got One / Rhythm King
Elastica / The Menace / Deceptive/EMI
Missy Elliott / Under Construction / Elektra
Enigma / MCMXC a.D. / Charisma/Virgin
Eurythmics / Touch / RCA

Fat Boy Slim / You’ve Come A Long Way, Baby / Astralwerks
Aretha Franklin / I Never Loved A Man the Way I Love You / Rhino
Aretha Franklin / Lady Soul / Rhino

Franz Ferdinand / You Could Have It So Much Better / Domino
Frente! / Marvin the Album / Mammoth/Atlantic
Garbage / S/T / Almo Sounds

Davíd Garza / This Euphoria / Atlantic
Marvin Gaye / What’s Going On / Motown/BMG
Gene / Drawn To the Deep End / Polydor
George Gershwin / Gershwin Plays Gershwin: The Piano Rolls / Elektra

Groovie Ghoulies / World Contact Day / Lookout
Juliana Hatfield / Hey Babe / Mammoth
Don Henley / The End of the Innocence / Geffen

Today is a gloomy, cold day, and I am a gloomy, cold girl, but I made a flier:


Jason Munn

March 12, 2009

These posters are wonderful and they are by Jason Munn.





March 11, 2009

I attended my first real concert on Halloween night in 1992, when I was a freshman in high school. A gaggle of my friends and I went to see Morrissey play at the Del Mar Fairgrounds, just north of San Diego. My Halloween costume that year was very uninspired – I was a “dead person”. Morrissey fans in Southern California at that time tended to skew towards the goth side of the spectrum, so really my costume didn’t look like much of a costume at all.

When I was younger, when I was still attending “concerts” rather than “shows” (there’s a difference, you know) the relationship between the audience and the performers was much different for me than it is now. Performers were demi-gods onstage, doing things and making sounds I couldn’t even comprehend how to do. It took me many many shows over the years to realize that the performers were, more often than not, boring people just like me. They lived in apartments and went grocery shopping. They were like me and my friends, and then, gradually, they were my friends.

I remember waiting in line to get into the Morrissey concert, and then rushing to the front of the crowd with my friends. I remember spending the entire night being squashed tightly against strangers, sweating badly and needing to pee yet feeling exhilarated. I was sending text messages to Tony about this last night and I realized that was 17 years ago.

I read recently that Morrissey was touring again. Ara and I were speculating the other day just how old Mr. Morrissey is these days. We thought maybe he’s in his early 50s, but the Internet tells me he is 49 (we were close!) I hadn’t planned to go see him play, as I never pay more than 15 dollars to see live music, and actually, I prefer to pay less than 10. Plus, I haven’t really kept up with his musical output the past number of years. But then, Matt Huguenots called me yesterday asking if I wanted to go to the Morrissey show in Durham because he had a spot on the guestlist and could bring a few people with him. So I’m off to Durham tonight with Matt and his girlfriend after dropping off my dear daughters for a sleepover with their friends. It should be fun. I’m really quite looking forward to it. This sudden opportunity has colored my week a little more rosily.

This weekend I…

March 9, 2009

– held baby chickens in my hands.
– took a walk out in the wind and the sun with my boyfriend and my dog.
– drove to Southpoint to see The Watchmen and drove right back home upon learning it was sold out.
– learned how to play Settlers of Catan.
– lost at cribbage.
– got paid to DJ.
– was made to feel beautiful.
– spent hours lazing about.
– failed horribly at making biscuits.
– daydreamed.
– went to the farmer’s market.