My secret passion for street fashion

March 5, 2009

To stave off boredom I’ve been looking through those street-fashion blogs this morning, and my first thought is “JESUS CHRIST, stylish people in Northern Europe are wearing really the most awful ugly things these days.” My second thought is to be reminded yet again that a Chapel Hill street style blog would never get very far because it would be pictures of the same 12 or so people over and over again. It must be nice to live in a city, sometimes.

Despite the hideous fashion on the streets of Copenhagen and Helsinki, I really like these outfits:

(From Ireland) She looks very ladylike, I approve whole-heartedly.

(From Finland) Adorable children, dressed in the same clothes as if they were Japanese!

(From Denmark) The shoes with the dark tights are delicious, as are the matching bangles.

(From Russia) The coat, the shoes, the suitcase are all perfect together. But he really should be wearing a scarf I think, as it looks seriously cold there.


One Response to “My secret passion for street fashion”

  1. robin of rockville Says:

    i love street-style blogs but i’m too lazy to go through all of them, so i like people who summarize. i tried to wear dark stockings with t-strap flats but they made me look stumpy, sadly. approve of ireland girl, the matching kids are cute, i want to move to russia to hang out w/ boy. or maybe he’s on his way to meet me? is an SF street style blog (except she’s traveling now so she does diff cities) and i always hope she’ll happen upon me and take my photo, but i never wear cute clothes to work ‘cos i work in the peninsula and no one cares about fashion there really. i’m afraid of becoming lazy in my fashion ‘cos in l.a. i took the care to dress fashiony more often but now i’m just too lazy.

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