March 11, 2009

I attended my first real concert on Halloween night in 1992, when I was a freshman in high school. A gaggle of my friends and I went to see Morrissey play at the Del Mar Fairgrounds, just north of San Diego. My Halloween costume that year was very uninspired – I was a “dead person”. Morrissey fans in Southern California at that time tended to skew towards the goth side of the spectrum, so really my costume didn’t look like much of a costume at all.

When I was younger, when I was still attending “concerts” rather than “shows” (there’s a difference, you know) the relationship between the audience and the performers was much different for me than it is now. Performers were demi-gods onstage, doing things and making sounds I couldn’t even comprehend how to do. It took me many many shows over the years to realize that the performers were, more often than not, boring people just like me. They lived in apartments and went grocery shopping. They were like me and my friends, and then, gradually, they were my friends.

I remember waiting in line to get into the Morrissey concert, and then rushing to the front of the crowd with my friends. I remember spending the entire night being squashed tightly against strangers, sweating badly and needing to pee yet feeling exhilarated. I was sending text messages to Tony about this last night and I realized that was 17 years ago.

I read recently that Morrissey was touring again. Ara and I were speculating the other day just how old Mr. Morrissey is these days. We thought maybe he’s in his early 50s, but the Internet tells me he is 49 (we were close!) I hadn’t planned to go see him play, as I never pay more than 15 dollars to see live music, and actually, I prefer to pay less than 10. Plus, I haven’t really kept up with his musical output the past number of years. But then, Matt Huguenots called me yesterday asking if I wanted to go to the Morrissey show in Durham because he had a spot on the guestlist and could bring a few people with him. So I’m off to Durham tonight with Matt and his girlfriend after dropping off my dear daughters for a sleepover with their friends. It should be fun. I’m really quite looking forward to it. This sudden opportunity has colored my week a little more rosily.

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  1. Sunny Says:

    That was my first “real” concert too, but I was a senior. I remember feeling so wronged when my mom allowed Lindsay to go too.

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