Thoughts while riding the train north to Connecticut

May 9, 2009

I remember when I was half as tall as I am now the three of us took the train from San Diego to somewhere beyond Kansas City, my mother, my younger sister, and me.

I remember using the toilets on the train, bleary-eyed and knocked from side to side with the movement of the train cars on the tracks. When the toilet flushed I could see daylight, I could see the hot desert ground rushing beneath the train.

Did they really flush to the ground like that? It seems unallowable, but that is a truth that I remember.

One Response to “Thoughts while riding the train north to Connecticut”

  1. Sunny Beaver Says:

    Yes, you are remembering correctly. They did flush to the ground. Lately, I have been pining for a long train trip. In 2001, I took the train from Martinez to Topeka, KS for a wind power workshop. I was alone and it was an amazing trip.

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