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Happy May Day.

Nostalgia, part 1

April 20, 2010

Me and some of my good friends, 1995-1996

from the Greek
nostos, “‘a return home’”
algos, “‘pain, suffering’”

I’ll be 32 this year, and goddamn the nostalgia for my younger years is burning very brightly right now. It must be a phase of life thing, because the other earlythirtysomethings I know are dipping into the nostalgia pool as well.

This time around, I understand the pain and suffering part of nostalgia acutely.

I graduated from Chula Vista High School in 1996, located in one of the 10 Most Boring Cities in the United States. My friends and I did what most teenagers do – we drove around town looking for something to do, went to the occasional party. My most favorite thing to do was to drive to a remote location, get out of the car, and just talk and laugh with friends. Good remote locations included the beach (we had a lot of beaches to choose from), Mount Soledad, cul-de-sacs in not-yet-built suburbs, and on one very memorable occasion, the Upper Otay Lake Dam.

I was only kissed three times in high school, and no one asked me out. I’ve wondered what my problem is, but have learned in recent years that I was too intimidating to the average teen male. These are the boys that should have asked me out, if anyone was going to (shame on you!):

Not pictured: Jon who went to a different high school; he was the first person to break my heart.

More nostalgic silliness to come, I imagine.