Reminder that there is beauty still

May 14, 2010

More Flickr favorites.

1. Blue Circles, 2. Elephants, 3. vintage 1950s Persephone Party Dress in Teal, 4. 42-17022006, 5. Hello Daisy, 6. Solitude, 7. goodbye my dears, 8. Idaho Green Ramble, 9. ring around the Del, 10. louise_brooks_21, 11. louise_brooks_1606, 12. tk5242, 13. Elizabeth Taylor, 1963, 14. Corvair ad, 1964, 15. Donovan, Vidal Sasson hair cut, 1962, 16. summer boatneck top

Elizabeth Taylor, I love you.

Perfect frothy 50s prom dresses, I love you even more.


One Response to “Reminder that there is beauty still”

  1. gwen Says:

    *sigh* dresses.
    i really need to track down a crinoline.

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