Happy August

August 14, 2010

1. Call this a holiday?, 2. Untitled, 3. Untitled, 4. thrifted orla kiely wool sweater, 5. Untitled, 6. Hello Betty Retro #4, 7. yellow bib dress, 8. Bag detail, 9. closeups of blocks six and seven., 10. color, 11. Eye Shadow, 12. Pout, 13. Hiking in the Upper Penisula : Au Sable Lighthouse, 14. 11 months old Hertta, 15. P1180617, 16. Apple Daisy Dress Button ‘n’ Loop

Is it hot where you are too?

I spend my days at home, making things, drinking ice water, making late night runs to the grocery store for ice cream.

I thought I had a plan for the fall, but my plan has to wait until next fall. I’ll begin attending Duke School of Law then. Because one postgraduate degree isn’t enough for me. I’m very excited to go to law school. It’s a challenge that I want to meet straight-on. I hope it will give me the motivation to express my talents with confidence, for real. I might just come out of my shell.

In the meantime, I sew, I knit, I quilt, I househunt in Durham, and I look at pretty pictures on the Internet. I am inspired by the creativity and good eye so many people have with their photography. I dream about colors and big rooms with wood floors and many, many windows.